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Patient Navigation

What is Patient Navigation?

Patient Navigators are non-clinical members of the healthcare team who specialize in guiding patients through a complex healthcare system. They work to educate, support, and empower patients throughout their cancer journey. Navigators connect individuals to resources within the health system and in the community.

What do Patient Navigators do?

Patient Navigators communicate regularly with patients and their care team, coordinate appointments, make referrals to University and community-based resources, help with follow-up facilitation, empower patients, and more.

How do I Contact Patient Navigators?

Speak to your cancer doctor if you would like this service. Your doctor can make a referral via page or In Basket message to assigned Patient Navigators.

Who are the Patient Navigators?

Patient Navigators
top row from left to right: Becky Mueller, Carolyn Graham, Danielle Dombrowski
bottom row from left to right: Jen Conley, Jill Paladino

    Multiple Myeloma, Lymphoma, & Sarcoma

    Jill Paladino: 734-232-5969; pager #35098

    Gastrointestinal Oncology & Genitourinary Oncology

    Jen Conley: 734-998-1630; pager #38092

    Head and Neck, Aerodigestive, & Thoracic

    Carolyn Graham: 734-232-5976; pager #35097

    Breast Medical/Surgical Oncology & Gynecologic Oncology

    Danielle Dombrowski: 734-998-1726; pager #38087

    Melanoma Medical/Surgical Oncology & Neurologic Oncology

    Becky Mueller: 734-232-5963; pager #35041

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