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More People Are Surviving Cancer

More people are surviving cancer.

Over the past 30 years -- and through hundreds of clinical trials -- we've discovered better treatments so there's less chance of cancer coming back. With the help of clinical trials, we've also learned better methods of detecting cancer -- catching it earlier, when we have the best chance of curing it.

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The Summer, 2014 issue of Thrive is online!

We explore cancer recurrence from several perspectives. Jennifer Kelley shares her personal story with leiomyosarcoma in When Cancer Comes Back. Anne Schott, M.D., associate professor of medical oncology in the Beast Care Center, helps us better understand cancer recurrence. Jane Deering, a cancer center social worker, reminds all cancer patients they have The Right to be Hopeful.

Read the Summer, 2014 issue of Thrive.

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08.09 - Walk with a Doc

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